Third- Party cable for third-party sensor products

Unlocking New Possibilities with PLUX's Third-Party Sensor Adapter

At PLUX Biosignals, we're always on the lookout for innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of our research community. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest offering: The Third-Party Sensor Adapter. This game-changer promises to redefine the way you approach biosignal research.

universal sensor adapter

🔍 Overview: The Third-Party Sensor Adapter is designed to seamlessly integrate third-party sensors and your own sensor designs into the PLUX system. It's all about versatility, adaptability, and ensuring that your research tools are as expansive as your ambitions.


📙 Key Features:

  • Versatility Unleashed: Whether it's your unique sensor designs or third-party sensors, our adapter ensures smooth integration.

  • Synchronous Data Recording: Bundle multiple sensors through a single biosignalsplux hub, ensuring synchronized data capture from both PLUX and non-PLUX sensors.

  • Bluetooth Boost: Bring your non-Bluetooth sensors into the 21st century by using biosignalsplux as a Bluetooth adapter.

  • Safety First: Our built-in medical-grade galvanic insulation guarantees a safe connection between your PLUX system and any third-party system.


📸 Specifications Snapshot:

  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with both biosignalsplux and BITalino acquisition systems.

  • Input Voltage Range: ±2.5V, perfect for a wide range of applications.

  • Frequency Range: DC to 1kHz, offering flexibility in data capture.

  • Compact & Lightweight: Weighing just 40g with dimensions of 6.3 x 3.2 x 2.4 cm, it's designed for portability.


🌍 Real-World Use Case Spotlight: Adding Own Sensor Designs to Biosignalsplux

Imagine a team of researchers keen on recording biosignals with biosignalsplux while simultaneously developing their unique sensors for measuring other non-biosignals. Here's where our Third-Party Sensor Adapter shines:

  • Time-Saving: The team can focus solely on their sensor design without the need to develop a new acquisition unit.

  • Synchronization: With biosignalsplux's inherent synchronization of all connected sensors, data integrity is maintained.

  • API Access: The availability of a variety of APIs means there's no need to develop a separate one, further streamlining the process.

The result? A seamless research process, with the Third-Party Sensor Adapter acting as the linchpin, ensuring everything works in harmony.


📣 Get your Third-Party Sensor Adapter Today!

The Third-Party Sensor Adapter is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to new possibilities. By bridging the gap between PLUX and non-PLUX systems, we're ensuring that your research is not just efficient, but also expansive.👍 Discover the potential of seamless integration with our Third-Party Sensor Adapter. Because at PLUX Biosignals, we believe in empowering you with the best. 😉