Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel
Sale price€15,00
Nuprep Skin Preparation GelPlux
3-Lead Electrode Cable3-Lead Electrode Cable
Sale priceFrom €19,50
3-Lead Electrode CableBITalino
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Non-gelled Reusable Ag/AgCl (Pack of 10)
Sensor CableSensor Cable
Sale price€10,00
Sensor CablePlux
2-Lead Electrode Cable
Sale priceFrom €15,00
2-Lead Electrode CablePlux
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Arduino Sensor Cable
Sale price€10,00
Arduino Sensor CablePlux
Non-gelled Reusable Ag/AgCl with Velcro (Pack of 2)
Ten20 Conductive Paste
Sale price€15,00
Ten20 Conductive PastePlux
Sensor Extension Cable (100cm)
Sale priceFrom €40,00
Sensor Extension Cable (100cm)Plux
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Ground CableGround Cable
Sale price€10,00
Ground CablePlux
3D Printed Casing for BITalino Plugged
Sale price€10,00
3D Printed Casing for (r)evolution PluggedBITalino
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700 mAh 3.7V Battery
Sale price€8,00
700 mAh 3.7V BatteryBITalino
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Synchronization Kit (SYNC)
Bluetooth Dongle
Sale price€15,00
Bluetooth DonglePlux
Light-Emitting Diode (LED)Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
ProtoBIT (PRT) Prototyping BoardProtoBIT (PRT) Prototyping Board
Handheld Switch
Sale price€50,00
Handheld Switchbiosignalsplux
Adjustable Silicone Cap for EEG
Pushbutton (BTN) UC-E6Pushbutton (BTN) UC-E6
Sale priceFrom €25,00
Pushbutton (BTN)BITalino
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Multi Sync Splitter