Meet Our New Line of Wearables

Everything’s new. Except for the looks.

The new cardioBAN BLE, muscleBAN BLE, and respiBAN BLE keep their user-friendly design but now include the advanced features you've requested. Designed to meet high research and development standards, our latest products aim to transform mobile health solutions.

Explore this cutting-edge technology designed for superior health monitoring—because you asked, and we listened.


Experience Better Health Monitoring

Meet our fully updated wearables for respiration, cardiac, and muscle monitoring. Designed in a familiar form with the latest motion sensors and Bluetooth 5.3, making recording biosignals easy and stress-free, wherever you are.

ECG & motion wearable
Muscle & motion wearable
Respiration & motion wearable

BLE Upgraded: Improved Battery, Internal Memory, Timeless Design

We've extended Bluetooth capabilities beyond traditional desktop lab setups, embracing the world of biosignal-powered app development on both Android and IOS coming soon. Supported by full Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, our devices provide complete multi-sensor recordings, without missing any data.

Even when Bluetooth isn't available, use the wearable's internal memory to record up to 10 hours of data—about 230% more than older PLUX wearable models.

Compatible with Biosignals Studio

Biosignals Studio is our new companion app for biosignals researchers, redefines how biosignals are captured in research environments. This advanced app is built with a new, intuitive user interface, simplifying biosignal recording more than ever.

Available for Android now and coming to iOS in late 2024, Biosignals Studio aligns perfectly with your wearables to allow biosignal recording in the lab, on the move, and in other settings where traditional systems fall short. Plus, it's free.

Keep an eye out for new features soon to improve Biosignals Studio, including a comprehensive signal processing suite for both Windows and macOS.

Find out how these upcoming features can boost your projects!