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Meet our new Hybrid-8

The biosignalsplux Hybrid-8 toolkit has been designed with your research in focus by enabling high-quality biosignal acquisition applications where the acquisition of sensor data from multiple analog and digital sensors is required.

We've upgraded.

Improved features.

New Hybrid Ports

8 Hybrid ports compatible with both analog & digital sensors.

Improved Sampling Rate

3000Hz sampling rate per channel.

More Internal Memory

32GB of storage, enabling even the longest sessions of data acquisition.

Higher Resolution

16-Bit resolution for analog sensors and up to 24-Bit resolution for digital sesnors.

We got the ideal solution for you.

Multi Setups.
Synchronous Data Acquisiton.

Hybrid-8 supports digital and analog sensors and is the ideal solution for multi-FNIRS setups in which the acquisition of other biosignal data (e.g., ECG, EDA, EMG) is required. Synchronous data acquisitions are supported for up to 8 sensors simultaneously with analog sensors being sampled at up to 3kHz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution, and up to 24-bit sampling resolution for digital sensors

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