Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Sensor

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The biosignalsplux EDA sensor is capable of accurately measuring the electrical properties of the skin which changes. These changes are caused by alterations in sweat secretion and sweat gland activity as a result of changing sympathetic nervous system activity. The low-noise signal conditioning and amplification circuit design provide optimal performance in the detection of even the most feeble electrodermal skin response events.


  • Skin resistance measurement
  • Pre-conditioned analog output
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Medical-grade raw data output
  • Ready-to-use & miniaturized form-factor


  • Range: >0 t 24μS
  • Bandwidth: 0-3Hz
  • Consumption: ~0.72mA
  • Input Impedance: Spec
  • Cable Length: 100cm±0.5cm (customizable; extra costs may apply)
  • Connector Type: UC-E6 (male; must be connected to a biosignalsplux acquisition unit)
  • This sensor is only compatible with biosignalsplux acquisition system


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