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biosignalsplux is a versatile multi-sensor platform designed for raw biosignal acquisitions in R&D. Our current sensor portfolio covers over 20 different biosignal sensors. 


Multi-sensor &
Medical-grade data acquisitions.

Collecting raw, medical-grade and multi-sensor data is a common challenge in R&D projects. biosignalsplux takes on this challenge by providing all the tools you need to use almost any sensor combination you need for your biosignals project. biosignalsplux has easy-to-use software (OpenSignals) for visualization and recording of raw data, a set of programming APIs, signal processing add-ons, and an open-source framework for real-time data acquisition & visualization.

We got you covered.

Kits for your needs.

Research kits are bundles of biosignalsplux products designed for research purposes.

Professional Kit
Professional Kit

Professional Kit

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Smart Setup

Quick and easy.
Plug and play. 

1. Turn on the device

Click onto the power button in the Hub.

2. Select the sensors

Select and connect the sensors of your choosing to your biosignalsplux Hub

3. Connect and pair

Connect and pair your biosignalsplux device with OpenSignals software.

4. Start recording

plux biosignals recording biosignals

Start your acquisition and biosignals research.