CardioBAN on the MED1st project

What is CardioBAN?

CardioBAN is a wearable patch developed for continuous monitoring of vital signs in ambulatory settings. CardioBAN is attached to the chest area using two gelled electrodes. After the device is turned on, it streams physiological data in real time, including ECG, heart rate and movement. This device has a 2-lead ECG and an IMU (including an ACC, MAG and GYR). It streams data through Bluetooth for up to 4 consecutive hours.

After each use, the gelled electrodes are discarded and the device is recharged.

CardioBAN is being used to evaluate Medical First Responders' physiological response to stressful emergency scenarios.

CardioBAN ECG wearable

MED1st project goal

The goal of the MED1stMR project is to create a pioneering system for training of Medical First Responders (MFRs) - using Mixed Reality and wearable technology. The final goal is to simulate real world emergency situations and to track the biosignals of Medical First Responders during the simulation session.

For this purpose, PLUX's wearable patch CardioBAN will be used to continuously monitor the vital signs of Medical First Responders during the training sessions.

This project will gather advanced wearable technology, cutting-edge VR equipment and fully responsive human manikins to create a scenario as realistic as possible.

PLUX Biosignals is working alongside 18 European companies and Research Centres for the creation of this complex solution.

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