Respiration (PZT & RIP) Analysis Add-on

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Respiratory data provide useful information about the breathing dynamics. Designed to work with Respiration (PZT) sensor data, this plugin is a convenient way to determine respiratory rate and other useful temporal and statistical parameters associated with the respiratory cycles.

The Respiration Analysis add-on for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software is the ideal software extension for the biosignalsplux Piezo-Electric Respiration (PZT) and biosignalsplux Inductive Respiration (RIP).

This add-on is designed to extract temporal and spectral parameters to provide useful information about the breathing dynamics, such as respiratory rate, amplitude parameters, and basic spectral analysis.

Compatible Sensors

Compatible biosignalsplux Sensors:



  • Breathing dynamics identification & overall classification
  • Temporal & spectral feature extraction
  • Statistical amplitude, frequency, and overall signal parameters
  • Histogram & Power Spectral Density for breathing cycle interval data

Extracted Parameters

  • Breathing cycle amplitude parameters:
  • Maximum, mean, standard deviation, root-mean-square & total energy estimation
  • Frequency parameters:
  • breathing frequency (in breath/min and f) & breathing frequency classification
  • Breath-to-Breath Interval (BBI) parameters:
  • Minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation & root-mean-square of successive BBI differences




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