Electromyography (EMG) Analysis Add-on

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This add-on is designed to extract useful statistical temporal and spectral information from electromyography data acquired with the biosignalsplux Electromyography (EMG) sensor and muscleBAN, and the BITalino Electromyography (EMG) sensor and muscleBIT Bundle. Its own automatic onset detection algorithm is designed to detect muscle activations in the EMG signal, allowing the user to select and derive activation-specific parameters for further analysis of the EMG signal.

The onset detection algorithm can be fine-tuned for application-specific muscle activation detection by defining the frequency ranges of interest using the available low pass, high pass, and band pass filters. This add-on can also be used for muscle activation order analysis and to conduct a Maximum Voluntary Contraction-dependent statistical analysis.

Compatible Sensors

Compatible biosignalsplux Sensors:

Compatible BITalino Sensors:


  • Automatic onset detection algorithm
  • Temporal & spectral feature extraction
  • Maximum Voluntary Contraction-dependent statistical analysis
  • Multi-channel signal processing
  • Direct parameter comparison of 2 selected muscle activations 

Extracted Parameters

  • Acquisition Parameters (start, end, duration)
  • Activation-specific parameters:
  • Start & end time
  • Latency
  • Max. & min. amplitudes
  • Peak-to-Peak amplitudes
  • Root-Mean-Square
  • Integral over activation segment (result only, not integral signal)

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