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The Force Platform add-on for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software is designed to extract the most important force parameters from acquisitions conducted with the biosignalsplux Force Platform including the real-time visualization of the Center of Gravity, applied force and mass on the platform.

Additionally, in post-acquisition mode, this add-on computes the maximum occurred force within a defined signal interval, the Force Production Rate (FPR in N/s), and jump analysis-specific parameters such as the jump height (in cm) and the flight time (time spend in the air during a jump).

This add-on can be used in a variety of research applications, with biomechanics, sports, and ergonomics research being just some examples of application examples where Center of Gravity displacement, jump analysis, weight assessment, and/or force production capacity are monitored.

Force, Center of Gravity & Jump Analysis Tools with PDF & CSV Report Generation

The Force Platform add-on extracts the following online (real-time) and offline (post-processing) parameters found below. The Center of Gravity (CoG) is visualized in real-time during the signal acquisition and highlighted as a blue dot on the Force Platform illustrated in the add-on.

Extra Parameters

Online Parameters:

  • Center of Gravity computation and visualization
  • Force (N) & mass (kg) computation
  • Adjustable baseline (e.g. start of the acquisition with an initial weight

Offline Parameters

  • Maximum force (N)
  • Force reproduction rate (N/s)
  • Flight time (s) (time spend in the air during a jump)
  • Jump height (cm)



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