Beurer Thermometer OT 30 for Biosignals Research

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Discover the Beurer® Thermometer (OT 30):

An accessible and efficient tool, the Beurer® Thermometer provides accurate body temperature readings as a standalone device or within OpenSignals. Perfect for comprehensive biosignal acquisitions and easy integration.


It includes:

  • 1x Beurer® Thermometer (OT 30)


Key Features and Specifications:

  • Skin-contact Temperature Reader: Equipped with a waterproof, flexible measuring tip.
  • Compatibility: Smooth integration with biosignalsplux and BITalino products in OpenSignals Desktop.
  • Standalone Operation: Allows up to 30 readings using the built-in display, no additional devices needed.
  • Bluetooth Enabled: Upcoming support for OpenSignals & PLUX APIs.


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