Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Events Add-on

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The Electrodermal Activity (EDA) Analysis add-on for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software is the ideal software extension for the biosignalsplux EDA sensor and the BITalino EDA sensor, also commonly known as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor.

Electrodermal responses are phasic changes of the electrical properties of the skin (e.g. conductance) caused by alterations in the sweat secretion and sweat gland activity as the result of changing sympathetic nervous system activation.

Compatible Sensors

Compatible biosignalsplux Sensors:

Compatible BITalino Sensors:

Extracted Parameters

  • Electrodermal Response (EDR) latency
  • EDR amplitude
  • EDR rise time
  • EDR recovery time to 50% of EDR amplitude
  • EDR recovery time to 63% of EDR amplitude
  • Response peak after stimulus
  • Total power estimation

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