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Which biosignalsplux Hub should I choose?

If you ever wondered or had doubts about which biosignalsplux Hub you should buy, don't look any further, because this article was made just for you.

So what is biosignalsplux exactly?

biosignalsplux is a versatile multi-sensor platform designed for raw biosignal acquisitions in R&D. Our current sensor portfolio covers over 20 different biosignal sensors.

Collecting raw, medical-grade and multi-sensor data is a common challenge in R&D projects. biosignalsplux takes on this challenge by providing all the tools you need to use almost any sensor combination you need for your biosignals project. 

biosignalsplux hubs

4-channel, 8-channel or Hybrid-8 Hub, which one to choose?

When selecting the right Hub for your biosignals project, there is always one questions that arises. "Should i select the 4-channel, 8-channel or Hybrid-8 biosignalsplux Hub?"

Usually, the number of sensors you will need to use on your current project already gives you a hint on what hub to choose.


The 4-channel biosignalsplux hub comes with 4 analog input ports (green ports) to which you can connect any of the analog biosignalsplux sensors. In addition, it also has a common reference port (yellow port) to connect a shared reference electrode among multiple sensors, such as when working with multiple Electromyography sensors.

biosignalsplux 4-channel hub

The 8-channel biosignalsplux hub comes with 8 analog sensor inputs (green ports) and also comes with a shared common reference port (yellow port). However, besides the higher number of sensor ports, this hub also comes with a additional digital I/O port (red port). This port is designed for using a variety of  acessories with your bisoginalsplux hub such trigger buttons, LEDs, or synchronization tools to synchronize your hub with other biosignalsplux hubs or third-party devices.

biosignalsplux 8-channel hub

biosignalsplux Hybrid-8 Hubs

The ports of the Hybrid-8 hubs are hybrid ports, i.e. they work both with analog and digital sensors. All analog and digital sensors are compatible with the 8-channel Hybrid-8 hub allowing the user to connect up to 8 sensors to the any of the available ports of the hub (blue ports).

The reference cable can be connected to the reference port (yellow port). Accessories can be connected to the accessory port (red port).

biosignalsplux hybrid-8 hub

biosignalsplux sensor compatibility

Our current sensor portfolio covers over 20 different sensors that are compatible with biosignalsplux acquisition hubs:


Are biosignalsplux sensors compatible with BITalino devices?

Our biosignalsplux sensors can be used with BITalino systems (except FNIRS and SpO2 sensors), but BITalino sensors are incompatible with biosignalsplux systems. You can find out more information here
We hope this article was informative to you and provided helpful information on which biosignalsplux Hub you should choose.
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