Introducing-Biosignals-Studio PLUX Biosignals

The new companion app for biosignals researchers.

Simplify Your Biosignals Work

Thanks to two years of feedback from users, we have developed a new generation of PLUX products. We are excited to introduce Biosignals Studio for Android!

What is Biosignals Studio?

Biosignals Studio is leading the next generation of PLUX Biosignals products. We’ve changed the way biosignals are recorded in research environments, creating an innovative research app that simplifies the recording process more than ever before.  All while working with a brand-new, intuitive, and modern user interface.

Biosignals Studio is versatile and currently available for Android. It will be available for iOS in late 2024. The app allows you to record biosignals not only in the lab but also on the move. This breaks away from the old limits set by stationary systems. You can also add new devices easily, set up automatically, and start recording biosignals in less than a minute. And the best part? It’s completely free.

Biosignals On the Go

Did you know that biosignals in research are best recorded during natural conditions? With our devices, you can take your research out of the lab and record anywhere you’d like. Once you’re back in the lab, upload the data to your computer. Then use OpenSignals for Desktop to analyze your biosignals easily.

Biosignals Studio is compatible with all 4-channel and 8-channel biosignalsplux systems and all PLUX wearables, including the new versions of the cardioBAN BLE, muscleBAN BLE, and respiBAN BLE. All data is backward compatible with our OpenSignals Desktop software, ensuring that you can continue to leverage your existing signal processing tools effectively.

Start using Biosignals Studio for free today and if you have any questions, our Expert team is happy to help you. 

Keep an eye out for exciting new features coming to Biosignals Studio soon! We are adding a fully-featured signal processing suite that will be available for both Windows and macOS operating systems. These upgrades are designed to boost your research capabilities and enhance your experience.