Essential Biosignals Kits for your Teaching Classes

👉 Are you prepared for the upcoming semester? Can’t find a simple & versatile solution for your biosignals classes?

Don’t worry, we will help you selecting the right biosignals tools for Education. 😎

1.Simplicity fits all 

After some customer research we realized that our clients (teachers & lecturers) have in average 10 to 20 students in their biosignals classes.

The students typically work in small groups (2–3 people), and they frequently receive assistance from various documentation sources (books, lab manuals, etc.) as well as biosignals software and hardware to learn.

The big part of our customers is teaching different biosignals-related topics, however we realized that all of them have something in common - they are all looking for solutions including important features, such as:

  • Integration and versatility (Hardware, Software & Documentation)
  • Sensor variety
  • Easy to set-up and operate in an classroom environment
  • With simple and objective instructions for students

We always try to meet our customers requirements by having a simple solutions for teachers & students, reason why it has becoming very popular the use of BITalino for the different biosignals teaching disciplines.

2. Meet our Biosignals Student Packs

We introduced new biosignals teaching materials this semester to cater to the various demands of the professors and students, who are involved in many academic fields.

Engineering Courses 🤖

Hardware & Signal Processing subjects are frequently covered in biosignals programs for engineering students. By concentrating students' attention on software development or signal processing activities, BITalino is an economical and dependable hardware that is ready to stream biosignals data.

Because of this, we recommend our pre-built kit for engineering students, called ClassBIT Engineering, which includes 10 separate BITalino units with a variety of sensors to experiment with, synchronize, and combine. The only restriction is your imagination!

Each biosignals set gives the student the ability to:


  • Learn from home or at the laboratory (benefiting from small form factor and portability of the device)
  • Self-experience and learning about own body signals
  • Acquire up to 6 biosignals at the same time
  • Explore different sensor combination
  • Work continuously during the class time (autonomy above 10h)
  • Use OpenSignals Desktop and Mobile for signal acquisition & visualization

For the Engineering Students we also have a compilation of Signal Processing Tutorials (Python Notebooks) that might help in getting started with the signal features extraction.

For the semester final projects we encourage our Students to use our PLUX Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Our APIs are available for the most popular programming languages to facilitate the integration of our hardware into any software solution.

Sciences Courses 🧑‍🔬

Sciences-related disciplines such as Physiology, Psychophysiology, Neurosciences, Biology, Sport Sciences, Healthcare Disciplines, etc. are commonly focused on the signal physiology rather than in signal processing, reason why we packed the assembled hardware together with the biosignals analysis software. 

Discover more about all the Signal Parameters that OpenSignals allows your students to explore and learn.

In the ClassBIT Sciences, 10x individual sets are fully equipped with different biosensors, including EMG, ECG, EDA, EEG, Respiration and Photoplethysmography (PPG).

With each biosignals set the student can:

The Teachers can also save time preparing the students lab guides as we also provide a Pre-Built Pack of Guides adaptable (under request) to the different topics covered by each program.

Learn more about our Lab (Home)-Guides

3. Which are the features of the Software coming with my ClassBIT Pack?

OpenSignals is our easy-to-use and versatile software suitable for real-time biosignals visualisation, and compatible with all our devices. Below you can find some of our software features:

  • User-friendly real-time & post-processing data analysis & feature extraction add-ons
  • Export the data in the .TXT, .H5, and .EDF file formats to compatible third-party software.
  • Report generation supported for .CSV & .PDF file formats
  • Free onboard add-ons
  • Signal Statistics Extraction
  • Event Annotation
  • Event Emulation

4. Compilation of all I have to support my classes

We hope this article was informative to you and provided helpful information!
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 Author: Madalena Proença (Product manager at PLUX Biosignals)