1-Channel biosignalsplux Kit

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Important Note:This kit does not include any sensors.  If you want to add our best-selling biosignals sensors to this kit, click here or go to our Biosignals Kit Builder.

The 1-Channel biosignalsplux Kit is the ideal solution for research applications requiring the acquisition of a single biosignal. Its compact and efficient openBAN device (acquisition unit) is designed for immediate use, enabling data collection from a single sensor with 16-bit resolution and up to a 1000Hz sampling rate. The device's internal battery supports up to ~16h of continuous data streaming, maximizing both device performance and application outcomes.

Included in this kit is our proven Bluetooth USB dongle, ensuring a stable and reliable connection between the 1-Channel device and your computer. 

Kit Content

  • 1x Wireless single-channel hub (specs detailed below)
  • 1x Bluetooth Dongle
  • 1x micro-USB charging cable
  • 50x pre-gelled & disposable electrodes
  • Sensors: Not included - Add add our best-selling biosignals sensors to this kit. Click here or go to our Biosignals Kit Builder.


  • Analog ports: 1 generic input
  • Auxiliary Ports: none
  • Integrated Sensors: 1x audio intensity sensor; 1x triaxial accelerometer; 1x triaxial magnetometer
  • Resolution: Up to 16-bit (per channel)
  • Sampling Rate: Up to 1kHz (per channel)
  • Battery Life: ~16h streaming
  • Communication: Bluetooth Class II
  • Range: Up to 10m
  • Size: 54x35x15mm
  • Weight: 45g (without sensors)
  • Color: Grey


Image Disclaimer

This kit, formerly known as the OpenBAN Hub or Solo Kit, is now listed as the '1-Channel Hub.' Due to remaining inventory, some units might still have the OpenBAN logo printed on them. Due to photographic lighting, design techniques, and various devices used to view our products, the actual colors and details may vary slightly. For the most accurate information, please refer to the 'Product Description' and 'Kit Content' sections.


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