Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor

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Basic sensor for photoplethysmography, complete with cable and accessories to facilitate placement at the fingertip or ear lobe. This is an adaptation of the PulseSensor by Joel Murphy & Yury Gitman; we replace the default wiring by a UC-E6 ended cable to provide plug & play operation with our kits. Visit for additional information this link for the license details.


  • Type: Reflective (emitter and detector on same side)
  • Wavelength: ~520 nm (green)
  • Diameter: 1.6 cm
  • This sensor is only compatible with BITalino acquisition system

Accessories included

  • 1x Sensor connection cable (1m) ended with connector of choice
  • 1x Adjustable velcro fastening strap
  • 1x Ear clip
  • 2x Adhesive velcro pads
  • 4x Transparent protective stickers



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