BITalino teaching packs

 BITalinoTeaching Packs 

Our BITalino products line is intended for use in life science education, research and prototyping applications. We have a selection of Teaching Packs available that were mainly designed for universities. 

You can either customize your own class/laboratory or chose our pre-built teaching packs.

To build a student’s kit you have available more than 10 different sensors you can integrate and combine with our Signal Acquisition Core Units (e.g., Assembled BITalino Core or BITalino Core) and our Acquisition & Visualization Software (OpenSignals).


Which Teaching Pack should I choose?

For the biosignals-related disciplines among the Engineering Courses we suggest selecting our barebone-based sensors and Plugged Kit. For the Engineers we also have a compilation of signal processing tutorials (Python Notebooks) that might help in getting started with the signal features extraction.

BITalino Kit Engineering

For the Sciences Courses we have an assembled version of our Core unit and sensors with 3D printed casing and due to the scope of some (electro)physiology disciplines on the signals features we also include signal post-processing software.


BITalino Kit LabBIT

Key Points of the Teaching Kits 

1- The teacher or tutor can easily & rapidly set-up on-site & remote class for biosignals-related topics.

2- With BITalino we provide & promote an individual interaction between the students and the hardware (the biosignals acquisition unit & sensors) once the quality-price ratio is very affordable.

3- The teacher or tutor has more flexibility in changing the class modality, once the systems are portable.

4- BITalino is a very suitable tool for student’s continuous learning, allowing practice at home or anywhere else in a B-learning modality.

5- The visualization & acquisition software is Free and available with no Yearly Fees. The paid extension of our software for signal post-processing tasks, namely Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis, Electromyography (EMG) Analysis, Electrodermal Activity (EDA/GSR)).

6- Teaching offer also include Lab/Home-Guides for Free. The Teacher or the student don’t have to subscribe any platform to get access to our suggested exercises.


We hope this article was informative to you and you were able to learn more about our BITalino teaching packs and how to set up a live class or a laboratory with them! 🙂


Don't forget to visit our official support page if you have any questions!🙂